Agriculture Departmental activities:

I . Organisation of Field Days

  • Implementation of Strategy with reference to gaps identified in Major crops
  • Use of Organic Manure/ Green Manure
  • Fertilisation Application including micro nutrients as per Soil test data
  • Excess Nitrogen use reduction.
  • Balancing P&K Fertilizers.
  • Bio fertilisers Use.
  • IPM Concept.
  • Bio Agents use.
  • Reduction in Pesticide usage.
  • Adoption Water management.
  • Crop substitution cropping intensity.

II . Crop cuts and Evaluation in relation to bench mark productivity on Day/Joining and Productivity on crop cuts at end of season/Year.

  • Quality Control ( No. of Raids , No. of Seized , no of cases filed.)

III . Crisis Forecast and Management.

  • General credibility with the Farmers.
  • DAO Contact Designation Mobile No. Email ID.
    1 District Agriculture Officer 728894490