Minorities welfare

 Department of Minorities Welfare was created in the year 1993. The primary objective of the Department is Socio Economic Development and Educational Advancement of Minorities in the State.​ The main functions of the Department are : Introduce schemes to promote accelerated socio economic development of minorities, Introduce educational concessions for students of minority communities, Implement schemes for development of women and children of minority communities, Provide training and employment opportunities, thereby tackling the problem of economic backwardness among minorities, Provide guidance to those in the minority communities wanting to set up entrepreneurial ventures etc.​​

Bank Linked Subsidy Scheme:

Every  year Department releases A special notification inviting the applications through OBMMS for Self Employment a) Residence proof certificate Aadhar card as mandatory b) Age between 21 to 55 years  c) Income from all sources is below Rs.1,50,000/- in Rural areas & Rs.2,00,000/- in urban areas are eligible for financial assistance under the scheme. website:

Category IA   :  Unit Cost up to  Rs.50,000/- – Subsidy 100%

Category IB   :  Unit Cost of  Rs.50,000/- above 1,00,000/- below  – Subsidy 80%

Category II     :  Unit Cost of  above Rs.1.00,000/- to 2,00,000  lakhs – Subsidy 70% subject to   maximum  of Rs.1,40,000/- whichever is less.

Category III    : Unit Cost above Rs.2,00,000 to 10,00,000/- lakhs – Subsidy 60% limited to Rs.5,00,000 /- lakhs balance is bank loan.

S.No ERSTWHILE DISTRICT New District Name of the School School Address
1 Nalgonda Suryapet TMRS Suryapet Boys Telangana Minorities Residential Boys School, Suryapet Boys-1 Triveni Junior college Suryapet Town. Suryapet District. Pincode:508213.
2 Nalgonda Suryapet TMRS Thungathurthi Boys Telangana Minorities Residential School, Thungathurthi Boys-1 H.No.4-2/3, Nagaram Road, Thungathurthi, Suryapet.
3 Nalgonda Suryapet TMRS Huzurnagar Girls Telangana Minorities Residential School, Huzurnagar Girls-1 Sai baba Theater road, Huzurnagar, Suryapet District.
4 Nalgonda Suryapet TMRS Kodad Girls Telangana Minorities Residential Girls School, Kodad Girls-1 Near Dr. H.R School, Siridisainagar, Khammam Road, Kodad, Suryapet Dist