Youth and Sports


• The increased competition at international level has brought into sharp focus on the talent identification and development.

• Sports performances have reached such high levels that only persons who have talent stand a chance of winning a medal in international competitions.

• The ensure better chances of success the inherited talent has to be developed further through systematic training spread over a number of years.

• The vision of the Government is to use sports as a mean for social reconstruction.

• The best period of development of talent is childhood as a result the systematic sports training in all sports must begin in childhood in order to fully exploit the growth and development period of reating a sound base for achieving high performances in a sport later period of life.

• The Government of Telangana has resolved that sports is an essential element in shaping human personality in maintaining sound body and sound mind, in facilitating social interaction in fostering peace and brotherhood and nation building.

1)Development Activities Of Sports Wing

2)Youth Wing Activities