Functions And Duties

Cooperation Department is established to promote economic wellbeing of small and marginal farmers and other sections of the society with a view to build viable and vibrant institutions for continuous support of the needy and their collective growth.

Developmental functions of the Department

  • To achieve the economic well being of members
  •  Facilitate and support societies to evolve as viable, strong and vibrant institutions.
  • Economic development of its members



Registering and Nurturing of Societies

 Identify Needs and Resources,

 Organize groups based on similar needs,

 Register Genuine Society

 Nurture it until it attains the capacity to manage itself  

Capacity Building of Members and Managing Committee

 Educate, Guide and Facilitate the members for their active participation

 Explore the possibilities of expansion of business

 Enable to access Govt. Aid and  Support  

Networking of Societies

 Build Network of societies from Primary to National Level

 Input Supplies, Procurement of Agriculture Produce, Storage,  Processing  and Marketing 

 Alleviate members from exploitation.

Services by APEX Institutions

  Enable Apex Bank towards financial Inclusion

 MARKFED and HACA to procure directly from farmers

 Purchase Agrl. Inputs directly from Manufacturers and supply to  farmers eliminating Private players



  •  Monitor the functioning of societies.
  • Control exploitation by vested interests.
  • Protect the rights of the members and public money.
  • Constructive intervention by invoking the provisions of the Act.
  • Provide enabling environment for democratic functioning.
  • Maintain transparency of society affairs and all the other provisions as prescribed in the Act.