Crime Statistics is an important and essential input for assessing quality of life and the human rights situation in the society. Crime Statistics broadly reflects the status of operations of criminal Justice System in a Country. Crime Statistics includes data on offences, breaches of the law off Enders, those who commit offences, those who are offended against, etc. Crime Statistics in the state are generated based on crime records maintained by different law enforcing authorities like Police, Judiciary at different level of administrative/legal jurisdiction.

The Police Department has taken various process and technology initiatives to maintain Law & Order well and District police are committed to play a proactive role in ensuring peace for all in the District Suryapet. Police have been acting proactively to prevent any untoward incidents in the District by having coordination with stakeholders. Community policing is being done on a day-to-day basis to ensure safety of people and peace.   To improve the public safety and security, the CCTV Surveillance system is a unique concept & Hundreds of CCTV cameras have been installed in Suryapet District, resulting in arrest of several wrong doers


District Name DPHQ Name List Police Stations Under the District
Suryapet Superintendent of Police Suryapet I Town, Suryapet II Town, Suryapet Rural, Chivvemla, Penpahad, Athmakur (S), Mothey, Thungathurthy, Nagaram, Noothankal, Maddirala, Thirumalagiri, Arvapally, Kodad Town, Kodad Rural, Ananthagiri, Chilkur, Munagala, Nadigudem, Mellachervu, Chinthalapalem (Mallareddygudem), Huzurnagar, Mattampally, Garidepally, Nereducherla, Palakeedu