Electrical Energy is considered to be the most versatile and important source of power consumed by industry, agriculture and irrigation, commercial buildings, institutions and residents. In one sentence, energy is required for all facets of our life, a basic human need and also a crucial infrastructure for socio economic development of a state or a nation. Energy is supplied by generating stations.

The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is a jewel in the crown of Telangana is producing Coal which is an important source of energy for power generation. With its remarkable contribution, the Company is not only paving way for the industrial progress and economic prosperity of Telangana State but also generating employment opportunities to thousands of people.


  • There are 94 Sub Stations, 39338 Transformers functioning in Suryapet District during the year 2020 -21

Service Connections:

  • Domestic:306885,
  • Non-domestic: 30,995,
  • Industries: 2812,
  • Cottage Industries:234,
  • Agriculture: 1,32,930
  • Value of Free Power Supply to Farmers in Suryapet district is 37996.91 Lakhs in 2020-21